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Top Industrial Equipment

BlastRite Services, Inc. provides industrial equipment sales and installations to various companies across the United States. As an added amenity, we will also provide engineering and permitting services to our clients as requested, offering full, turnkey project installation.

Equipment and Maintenance

Dust Collectors and Bag Houses – In addition to providing a complete, new turnkey system, we will also do troubleshooting, repairs and continuous compliance inspections along with complete bag filter changes.

Ductwork – We can provide a complete redesign of a new ducting system in addition to troubleshooting, design work and the repair of existing ducting systems.

Replacement Parts – We supply a full line of replacement parts for all bag houses, dust collectors and scrubbers as well as shop blast/sand blast equipment.

All Equipment and Installation

  • Shot Blasters and Air Blasters
  • Dust Collection Troubleshoot & Repairs
  • Continuous Compliance Inspections
  • Millwright Field Work, Welding, Fabrication
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Industrial Equipment Rebuilds
  • Bearing & Drive Replacement
  • Ductwork, Hoppers, Chute Replacement
  • Screw Conveyors, Air Slides & Rotary Valves
  • Environmental Booths, Down Draft Tables & Spray Booths
  • Scrubbers, Oxidizers & Water Towers
  • Plant Ventilation, Louvers & Exhaust Stacks
  • Expansion Joints, Machine Guards, Handrails & Platforms
  • Insulation, Cladding, & Piping
  • Blower & Fan Supply Installation, Repairs & Balancing
  • Replacement Parts, Bags, Cages, Cartridges, Valve Kits
  • Solenoids, Timer Boards, etc.

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