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BlastRite Services, Inc. is committed to ensuring your environmental control systems are operating in top working condition. Our wide range of industrial services and repairs include dust collection, equipment installation, ductwork hoppers, chute replacement and plant ventilation.

Three Central Service Categories

Bearing and Drive Replacement – We replace different types of gear boxes and shaft bearings for various types of equipment.

Screw Conveyors – We do the services, repairs and/or complete replacement of all screw conveyers include the drives, bearings, the shaft and auger inside the conveyor.

Scrubbers, Oxidizers, Etc. – We provide the services, cleaning, repairs and media replacement of all scrubbers and oxidizers.

Our Full Range of Services

  • Dust Collection Troubleshoot, Repairs
  • Shot Blast Inspections
  • Electric Motor Replacement
  • Tune Updates and Repairs
  • Continuous Compliance Inspections
  • Millwright Field Work, Welding, Fabrication
  • Mechanical & Electrical Service & Repairs
  • Industrial Equipment Rebuilds
  • Bearing & Drive Replacement
  • Ductwork, Hoppers, Chute Replacement & Repairs
  • Screw Conveyor, Air Slide & Rotary Valve Installs & Repairs
  • Environmental Booths, Down Draft Tables & Spray Booths
  • Scrubbers, Oxidizer & Water Tower Installs & Repairs
  • Plant Ventilation, Louvers & Exhaust Stacks
  • Expansion Joints, Machine Guards, Handrails & Platforms
  • Insulation, Cladding, & Piping Installs, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Blower & Fan Supply Installation, Repairs & Balancing
  • Replacement Parts, Bags, Cages, Cartridges, Valve Kits
  • Solenoids, Timer Boards, etc.

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